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A harmony between business and leisure

Whether you are a city, mountain or sea person, New Caledonia has everything to offer. Between modern Noumea, the more traditional Loyalty Islands and the bushy Great land, the balance is easily achieved for a harmonious life between business and leisure. If the capital remains developed around the economic activity and concentrates most of the shops and restaurants, the rest of the Great land is developing, especially Koné in the north, with the dynamism of the mining sector. Like most of the communes, these two towns now offer all the comforts of a modern town and the island's wiring allows you to take advantage of new technologies.

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Life in New Caledonia

Life in New Caledonia follows the rhythm of the Pacific Ocean, between the warm season from November to May and the cooler season from June to October. During this season, if the nights get cooler, the bright colours of the southern "winter" and the 20 degree air make excursions into the forest and hiking more enjoyable.

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A welcoming country

In New Caledonia, the dazzling purity of the colours of the sky, the lagoon and the vegetation, the exceptionally mild climate and the natural hospitality of its inhabitants make the country a real welcoming place. Another asset of this Pacific archipelago is its geographical position.

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New Caledonia, a natural playground

Nature and outdoor sports lovers will find their paradise in New Caledonia. The Caledonian have turned their country into a real life-size playground, in a grandiose postcard setting. The low population pressure allows nature to express itself in all its splendour and the archipelago is a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, each more brilliant than the next.

Centre culturel Tjibaou - NC

A mosaic of cultures

The Caledonian population today represents a real mosaic of cultures. Firstly, between the different communities of the Pacific, and secondly through the influences of the former European and Asian colonisations. Colonial architecture is now part of the heritage, as is Kanak art, which is highlighted in the modern Tjibaou Cultural Center.

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Cultural harmony

Today, New Caledonia is in harmony with its people, its nature and its economic needs. Environmental protection is playing an increasingly important role, particularly with the inclusion of a large part of the New Caledonian lagoon on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2007. The largest in the world, it is also one of the richest in terms of flora and fauna.

Moving to New Caledonia

Every year, many people make the choice to take the plunge and become a New Caledonian resident. Moving to the other side of the world is a dream for many people, whether they are French from mainland France or from anywhere in the world.

Many new residents come to New Caledonia to live in Noumea. It is indeed in the vicinity of the city that one finds the most job offers, with some exceptions. It is also the best place to get used to the Caledonian culture and to prepare for the administrative aspects of settling on the island.