The highest safety standards

Aircalin meets the highest global standards and regulations of airline industry. The company operates within the European regulatory framework with the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Since 2007, Aircalin has the IOSA (Operational Safety Audit) certification, a safety programme implemented by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), based on the most exacting safety standards of the industry. Renewed every two years to take into account developments, the IOSA certification is aiming for significant improvement of Safety and Compliance. 


An organisation supporting safety and compliance

Aircalin’s Safety and Compliance Department (Direction Sécurité et Conformité - DSC) is in charge of managing the flight safety management system SGS, which proactively or reactively identifies the risks and leads to continuous actions and improvements. The SGS is applied in every operational service of the company, in compliance with the regulations applicable to the company (OACI, EASA…). The DSC ensures compliance of procedures and oversees their proper implementation to ensure safe operational practices, airworthiness of aircrafts and safe maintenance practices. It ensures maintenance of a constant level of safety for the company’s operations and thus for the operation of aircrafts used by Aircalin, under the best conditions of safety for the passengers.


Day-to-day safety culture

The operational staff is trained for safety through theoretical and practical continuous training ensuring skill maintenance and development. These trainings are in compliance with the regulation issued by the supervisory authority, the French Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) and within the Agency’s regulatory framework.


The European Air Safety Agency (EASA)

The EASA Part 66 licence issued by the DGAC for maintenance technicians is a guarantee of their excellent training level and of their field experience.

Actions for awareness-raising and development of vigilance are also carried out for all Aircalin staff.


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