Travel to Fiji, where dreams and reality intersect


Explore Fiji, an archipelago at the end of the world, close to New Caledonia, comprising 333 heavenly islands, only a hundred of which are inhabited. Fiji  will roll out the red carpet to welcome you with open arms in a plethora of hotels that compete with services and magical excursions. With nearly 700,000 tourists a year, Fiji is a destination for relaxation and water sports. Book a flight to Nadi and succumb to its magnetic charm




Plages Enfants Mer Saut Fidji

A rich identity

The Fijian population is a rich multicultural  mix of  Polynesian, Melanesian, Chinese, Micronesian and Indian cultures. A winning combination, which places this dreamy archipelago in the top 5 of must-see trips in the Pacific, along with New Caledonia, Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia.

Fruit Pastèque Partage Enfant Fidji

A daydream

In the Fiji Islands, a joyful art of living is cultivated day by day where simple pleasures take on another dimension in a typical and fairy-tale South Pacific setting, between sandy beaches, coconut trees and water activities. Swim, surf, dive or conquer the Pacific Ocean in a kayak. Fiji is a true beach paradise that also has a lot to offer on the land side, between volcanoes and lush jungle.

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Between local culture and modernity

Don't miss out on discovering the multicultural influences in the capital Suva, on the island of Viti Levu, the largest of the archipelago. The city is rich in colonial architecture balanced by large modern buildings. You can enjoy local specialties like kakoda, a fish marinated in lime served in a coconut.

Fidji Rivière Activités Couple Tourisme

Places to visit in Fiji

The Sleeping Giant's Garden

Explore the lush collection of tropical plants at the Sleeping Giant Garden Walkways. More than 2,000 plants come together in a kaleidoscope of color during a 6-hour hike through the heart of the forest. 

Swim in the hot springs

Soak in one of the hot springs found on the Islands and enjoy a moment of relaxation before returning to a beautiful white sand beach.

Plage Fidji Sable tourismes Cocotiers

Activities to do in Fiji Islands

Diving off the islands

It's impossible to plan a visit to Fiji without booking yourself a scuba diving trip. Many dive clubs welcome you to the shores of the beaches to offer excursions tailored to your expectations.

Treat  yourself to a cruise on the turquoise waters

Let yourself be transported and set out to conquer the most beautiful spots off the islands, for a day or over several days, renting a boat will allow you to enjoy different spots inaccessible from land. 

Attend a rugby match

The island's national sport, rugby, is omnipresent in Fijian culture. During your trip, don't miss the opportunity to attend a local match. For the more adventurous, it is not impossible that you will be invited to join the scrum... 

Practical information

Getting to Fiji

Entry requirements in Fiji:

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Entry requirements for Fiji

Map of Fiji

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How to get to Fiji?

Go to Fiji from Noumea

Check out our Flight Noumea Fiji page.

Average flight time: 

The shortest flight time for a direct Noumea Nandi trip is less than 2 hours. This travel time may vary depending on your itinerary.

Time difference: 

It is 1 hour earlier in Noumea, New Caledonia than in Nandi, Fiji.

When to go to Fiji

When is the best time to visit Fiji?

Fiji has a tropical climate. This means there are two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. 

To make the most of the islands, the best time to visit is: 

  • June to September, during the dry season. Summer temperatures can rise to over 30°C but the air will be drier and will allow you to fully enjoy your stay in Fiji.

Hotels in Fiji

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